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Auromira = Entertainment + Digital Marketing + Awesome Promotions

Auromira Entertainment is an award-winning promotions and entertainment company that offers 360-degree audio-visual (corporate films, documentary, shorts et al), photography, events and film solutions. With our leads and revenue based approach, we have helped our clients accrue pan-national branding and crores in revenues

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Why Choose Us?

Elegant / Unique design

We are an Associate of DDB Mudra Worldwide. The team has done over 60+ corporate assignments all over India.

Excellent Team

The team is extremely well acquainted with use of sophisticated cinema gadgets and advanced aesthetics of photography and videography.

Cost Effective

Cost-Effective means of production compared to any other competitor in the India.

Reliable System

Intuitive and completely reliable system from booking to selection followed by continuous engagement and strong feedback implementation mechanism.

Creative Director

For every project, a creative director is assigned responsibility to ensure the highest quality.


The creative and technical team composition will have alumnus from FTII and NID, ensuring country’s best talent

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01 Strategy
A method or plan chosen to bring about
a desired future.
02 Planning
A plan of action designed to achieve
the goals.
03 Development
The Process of creating something
new and exciting.
04 Launch
start or set in motion
Be Revolutionary
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Intelligence is nothing without ambition.

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We specialise in creating success brands.

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We specialise in creating success brands.

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