About Company

Conceptualise. Create. Innovate.

What we do

Auromira Films is an award-winning entertainment entity which goes well beyond simple, regular promotions and features. We offer a 360-degree audio-visual experience, in the form of photography, events and short films, not to forget the impactful documentaries. Pan-branding solutions and an amazing audience extravaganza - we offer it all at one place.

We specialise in


Planned, methodical and detailed - our strategy involves all of this and so much more, all in purview of the requirements of our clients and their approach.


World-class experience and innovation - our design works in the same tandem. You get what you want with a twist, in all its originality at Auromira Films


Top-notch, upgraded and enhanced, all to make your work appealing to all. Work with us and see the technology put the magic back on screen.

Web & ui

We have the best in the industry to make the whole experience worthwhile for the consumers. We are what you need to be out-of-the-box.


It does more than just make your work look appealing. We add more to the entire quality which can give you that extra edge.


Not to compromise on who you are and definitely not on who we are. Your identity is more than us to just ours.


You will have us put it all across town. And turn it into something more than just another name in the market. It’s an all-round approach that we take.

UX Design

Your users would come back over and over again. We never let your product go out of sight or out of mind. Usability, accessibility and pleasure, you have it all put together.


You have the statistics to prove what your work has done - make some more noise than it did elsewhere. We provide you with the know-how of all.