Know Us Better

Auromira Films is a leading award-winning entertainment company that offers 360 degree audio-visual, photography, events and film solutions.

Our portfolio which comprises an illustrious success specifically in advertising and films has expanded into motion and still graphics as well, in our endeavor to offer complete promotional and branding solutions to our clients. Our clientele includes industry leaders, Ministry of External Affairs and Delhi’s major corporate houses such as DLF Universal, Omaxe Group and SSP India pvt. Ltd. We have also been the concept team behind some pioneering advertising and animation ventures in Delhi. Our films have premiered at festivals in India and worldwide.

At the helm is an award winning team of filmmakers, designers, artists and technicians led by Dev Meher. The team comprises India’s first start-up group of FTII and NID alumnis which merits with experience and expertise. With a multifariously competent creative team at the core, we deliver delightful treats with every endeavor.

Our set of aesthetics are artistic and yet market-driven. The composite of the core team is a mix of youth and experience, zest and wisdom, courage and calculation. The technical team comprises professionals from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.

We have also produced and collaborated on documentaries, research projects, advertisements and corporate films, winning several accolades and awards. With a feature documentary aimed at nation-wide theatrical release taking shape, Auromira Films is headed to the next level.

We have pushed the ropes further with every project, continuously striving for the original and exceptional. We are visual media creators and filmmakers, creative to the core and in relentless pursuit of excellence. Nothing less cuts it for us.

Further, we have made films for Ministry of External Affairs and are collaborating with Centre for Alternative Media and Communication to produce ‘Women on Records’, a documentary and a television series that will redefine the history of women singers in the Gramophone era.

We have received passionate testimonials from individual clients and organizations who have been delighted with the commitment and quality of our services which spurs us further in our pursuit of excellence.